Stafford Veterinary Center Staff

Tori Mordasky Tavenner

Director of Community Relations

Education: Roger Williams University

Hometown: Stafford Springs, CT

Pets: Gracie

Meet Tori: Fostering Connections as Director of Community Outreach As the youngest daughter in our family business, Tori brings a fresh perspective and boundless energy to her role as Director of Community Outreach at Stafford Veterinary Center. With a passion for building connections and a dedication to animal welfare, Tori plays a vital role in strengthening our ties with the community.

Position and Impact: In her role as Director of Community Outreach, Tori is at the forefront of our efforts to engage with the community and promote awareness of our services. Her innovative ideas and proactive approach help us foster meaningful relationships with clients and partners, ensuring that we continue to serve as a trusted resource for pet owners.

Education and Journey: Tori’s educational journey took her from an Undergraduate Degree in Global Communication at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI, to earning her Masters at the University of Central Florida. After spending five years in Florida, where she met her husband, Jordan, Tori made the decision to return to New England in 2016, bringing her talents and expertise back to her roots.

Professional Interests: With a keen interest in eastern medicine for animals, Tori explores holistic approaches such as reiki and herbal supplements to complement traditional veterinary care. She also finds fascination in complex surgeries, appreciating the intricate skill and precision involved in these procedures. Tori is also a part time Yoga instructor in Stafford at Middle River Yoga and Heartsong Yoga in East Longmeadow, MA.

Personal Interests: Outside of her professional pursuits, Tori finds joy in spending quality time with her husband, Jordan. Together, they share a passion for yoga and travel, seizing every opportunity to explore new destinations and experience different cultures. Whether they’re trekking through exotic landscapes or relaxing on sandy shores, Tori and Jordan embrace the adventure of discovery.