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At Stafford Veterinary Center, our goal is to ensure that all of our clients and patients leave our facility satisfied. We would love to hear about your recent visit with us – your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps the Stafford Veterinary Center grow each day!

Reptile Love

Rated 5 out of 5

I keep reptiles and it’s very hard to find a good reptile vet around here,
especially one that’s available. I’ve been to tons across the whole state.
One of my reptiles needed vet attention and the people here happened to
having something available at a reasonable time. What I really appreciate
about this place is that actually called to check up on my guy and see how
the treatment was going which none of the other places I’ve been to have
done. The vet who saw my pet was pretty knowledgeable. I also loved how
reasonable the pricing here was especially for exotics. I will definitely
be visiting here again.


Brittney Vincent

Rated 5 out of 5

Just want to let you know that Brittney had such a positive attitude and she showed such compassion towards our family. It’s people like her that make you want to come back to your clinic. Good people are hard to find.


So much compassion…

Rated 5 out of 5

My partner Julie had been going to Stafford Veterinary Center for 12 years prior to our boy Hunter. I had never visited this particular practice before but we had been taking our boy here since he was a baby pup. In recent years we had become very fond on Dr. Gardener, she had been there for our boy since day one. Up until recently we had only had routine check ups, and annual shots for our visits because our boy was “healthy as a horse” as they say. At some point he developed a growth on his neck, we IMMEDIATELY called and set up an appointment. Dr. Gardener removed the mass and had it sent out to get checked and everything from pathology came back negative. A month or so later the growth came back, and we once again ran back to Dr. Gardener who then did some x-rays, she removed the mass once more, so well in fact that the oncologist she recommended to us after the fact was extremely impressed with her work. Unfortunately the second mass that was removed was found by pathology to have some cancerous cells. Our boy underwent 18 rounds of radiation and four rounds of chemotherapy. It was heartbreaking to watch him go through this but he did LOVE going to the vets office they recommended us to, to get his treatment. He became a very popular boy there. Dr. Gardner spent many visits with us, trying to figure out his stomach condition prior to this, she spent countless days with us determined to figure out what was wrong with him. She had so much compassion for him, if I could trust anyone with my baby boy it was her. She was absolutely amazing, I wish she would and could have still been there till his last days but she moved on to bigger and better things for herself and we are so happy for her and thank her from the bottom of our hearts for poring so much sweat and tears into helping our baby. Hunter loved her very much.
So now comes the hardest parts, our boy started acting different, one morning he couldn’t stand up, we took him straight away to the recommended vets office and the next thing we are having an MRI done to later find out he has a mass on his brain. No one is or was sure if it was related to his sarcoma on his neck but at that point we did not find it fair to put our boy through anymore surgeries, radiation or chemo’s.
About five months later things just went drastically down hill. Dr. David Mordasky was there right away no questions asked. He came in to specifically put our baby boy to rest. I had never met this man prior to this encounter and let me tell you how much compassion this man has for you and your pets. I was having an extremely hard time and his soft soothing words meant more to me than anyone can even imagine. He carried our baby boy out of our car, and onto the table and never took his soothing hands off our pup, until he took his last breath. Even after he spoke encouraging words, he was personally cremating our baby boy. Even during this whole Covid 19 restrictions he allowed us to be with our boy because he said to us he understands how deeply important it is for pet owners, or pet moms like us. He was an absolute blessing to have care for our boy. This whole office is just AMAZING. We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for Hunter and us. We really appreciate and love you all. Thank you for being the primary care for our boy and being there for him when he took his last breath.
Amy C

Amy C.

100%+ satisfaction

Rated 5 out of 5

We have been going to Dr. Mordasky and his staff at Stafford Vet Center for many, many years. It is always an exceptional experience regardless of the reason for our visit. From general care to more specialized treatments for our dogs, I can say that I have never walked out of this business with anything less than 100%+ satisfaction. It is a pleasure that we have such a knowledgeable, truly caring vet service so close to home.

Wayne Simpson

DR Mordasky is the best!!

Rated 5 out of 5

He is so easy to talk to and he is a warm M & M with our cat… … He is gentle and kind; extremely professional and a wonderful sense of humor!! So fortunate to have a Vet such as Dr. M in the area


Experienced beyond his years

Rated 5 out of 5

Dr. Mordasky is experienced beyond his years and a true blessing for all of Windy Crow Farms animals. Domestic & livestock.

Barbie Lytwyn

Fantastic doctors!

Rated 5 out of 5

As far as veterinarians go they are the best they take care of all of my farm animals the animals that I have in my house dogs cats the horses everything their prices are great and you’re fantastic doctors there couldn’t ask for any better people to work with

John John

They made us feel like family.

Rated 5 out of 5

We had to put down a beloved family pet and the kindness and compassion if the staff was amazing. Dr. Mordaski even hugged me. They made us feel like family.

Lauri Ann Sabatasso