Equine Services

With consistent preventative care, we can identify health issues early on, enabling us to begin early treatment before a more serious condition develops. Our veterinarians can also provide management advice to help you properly care for your horses, and expert veterinary care if any horse needs additional care for a disease or medical condition. To schedule an appointment for an equine wellness exam, please call us today.

Stafford Veterinary Center provides equine wellness care that includes:

  • On-site exam
  • Dental exam and annual float with sedation
  • Fecal test for sand/fecal egg count
  • Vaccines including Rabies and West Nile
  • De-worming
  • Nutritional advice
  • Lameness screening
  • Diagnostic testing (radiology, ultrasonography, or lab testing)

Equine Dentistry

It is essential that horses receive regular preventative dental care to keep them healthy and up to performance standards. Dental problems can interfere with digestion, cause colic, create chronic jaw and neck stiffness, and may contribute to lameness. The following symptoms could indicate the presence of dental problems:

  • Horse is dropping food or losing weight
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Undigested food particles in your horse‚Äôs manure
  • Excessive bit chewing or head tossing
  • Difficulty riding or being on a line

At Stafford Veterinary Center, we recommend a dental exam twice a year and an annual teeth float with sedation. We recommend that regular dental exams begin as soon the foal is born to check for congenital abnormalities. Our mobile unit performs dental exams, floats and advanced dental care right on your own farm.

Equine Surgery

At Stafford Veterinary Center, our veterinarians perform many elective and emergency surgeries on cattle, horses, goats and sheep in the field or at our clinic.

We tailor our anesthesia protocol to each patient and offer total intravenous (triple drip) or isoflurane gas anesthesia. We use the most advanced monitoring equipment to evaluate heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygenation.

To learn more about our surgical procedures, please call us today at (860) 684-5868.