Stafford Veterinary Center Staff


Willington Veterinary Center Reception

Kristen serves as the very first face anyone will see at Willington Veterinary Center! Kristen has been with SVC for almost four years now, almost the same amount of time she has been in this area! She moved to the Willington area from Vermont where she grew up. She went on to attend the University of Findlay for her business degree. Kristen shines in and outside of the office, as she specializes in her equine knowledge and training. She works extensively alongside horses, as she has her entire life. Her love for large animals is what led her to the veterinary field, and she loves to assist in any way she can! One can probably guess that Kristen’s favorite animals are horses, but she also loves her small furry friends like cats! She has too many horses in her life to list, but she loves her horse Carlo, and also has two dogs named Jasmyn and Max, and two cats named Mittens and Misiu.