Sep 22 2017

EquiQi: Opening Pathways to Balance for Horses and People

EquiQi brings allied holistic healing techniques to horses in a natural non-invasive approach through the simplicity of using equine sports massage, myo-fascial release, energy work and structural integration. As well as equine locomotion from a natural horsemanship perspective addressing not only the psychosoma connection of movement but the anatomical and behavioral myo-kinesiology along with rehabilitative pattern work. Watching and listening to the horse’s mind, body, and spirit to help guide… a gentle touch can open many pathways so that healing can begin and balance can be restored.

Horses are athletes – from the hacking pleasure horse right through to the top level competition horse. Equine massage and bodywork can greatly improve performance, wellbeing, and movement in any horse. Practiced on race tracks, during international competitions, on the show circuit and in equine rehabilitation centers, equine massage and bodywork has long become an important element of the comprehensive wellness program for horses. It helps injured muscles to heal and healthy muscles to stay healthy, flexible, and pain free.

Many chronic problems in horses are often related to soft tissue injury or compensatory movement due to a prior injury or even an illness. Muscles and joints never forget what has happened to them, so an old injury could still be affecting the horse. Equine massage therapy and holistic bodywork addresses both the injury and the ensuing compensation. It is a tool to detect potential problems before they become full blown as well. EMT will work on the whole body of the horse so the horse can function in a balanced way and release any compensatory muscle tensions also linked with recovery from illness or injury. Visit the website to learn more and schedule an appointment with Rebekah at 860-906-7709.

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