Meet Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Nutile, DVM

Education: University of Connecticut & Ohio State University

Hometown: Revere, MA

Pets: Rouge, Nitro, Sheeba, Bandit

Dr. Elizabeth Nutile, affectionately known as Dr. Liz, is a remarkable member of the Stafford Veterinary Center family. Her dedication to animal care and her unwavering commitment to our practice have made her an integral part of our team.

Years with Stafford Veterinary Center:

Dr. Liz Nutile joined Stafford Veterinary Center in 2019, and her journey with us has been nothing short of extraordinary. She has displayed exceptional resilience and dedication, standing by our side through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Professional Traits:

Dr. Liz Nutile is known for her discipline, a quality that shines through in her work. Her dedication to her craft is truly commendable, and she continually seeks opportunities to learn and refine her surgical skills. Her unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that our patients receive the highest standard of care.

One of Dr. Liz’s outstanding talents lies in her ability to address behavioral issues in dogs. She goes above and beyond to create a fear-free environment for our four-legged friends, working closely with clients to provide effective training solutions.

Interests and Hobbies:

Although currently on maternity leave, Dr. Liz remains dearly missed by our team and clients alike. Her love for animals extends to her own home, where she cares for goats and chickens. Large-breed dogs hold a special place in her heart, and her genuine affection for these majestic companions is palpable.

Beyond her professional life, Dr. Liz is deeply connected to our local community. With family ties to Boston, she has become an integral part of our Stafford community. Outside of her veterinary work, she enjoys weight lifting, showcasing her commitment to a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Liz’s most cherished goal is parenthood, and we wholeheartedly celebrate this wonderful journey with her. Professionally, she aspires to continue her work in large animal ultrasound, further enhancing her expertise in this specialized field. Additionally, she is dedicated to providing top-notch dental care for our small animal patients and assisting clients in addressing behavioral concerns.

Dr. Elizabeth Nutile’s dedication, talent, and love for animals make her a cherished member of the Stafford Veterinary Center family. We eagerly anticipate her return from maternity leave and look forward to continuing our journey with this remarkable veterinarian as she pursues her goals in both her personal and professional life.